What Does It Take To Become A Jerry’s Franchise Owner?

Jerry’s Wood-Fired Dogs tends to attract three types of franchisees:

1. The Empire Builder: A well-capitalized, business executive seeking a highly scalable growth vehicle to manage and expand.

2. The Diversifying Business Owner: An experienced entrepreneur seeking a highly expandable growth vehicle to manage and develop.

3. The Single Unit Owner/Operator/Family-Run Business: This individual or family is often a first-time businessperson searching for a smooth transition from the title of executive or employee to entrepreneur. They are generally looking to start out with a single unit operation.

All three types of franchisees make welcome additions to the Jerry’s franchise family.

What does it cost to open a Jerry’s Wood-Fired Dogs Franchisee?

It depends on many variables including the location, total square footage, landlord’s tenet improvement allowances, existing facilities in the building (hoods, grease traps, rest rooms, etc.), plus local fees and expenses. A complete list of start-up costs will be made available to you in the Jerry’s Wood-Fired Dogs Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). The FDD stipulates the cost to open a new restaurant and that cost includes items such as:

• Construction
• Equipment
• 3 months working capital
• Lease and other deposits
• Potential training expenses
• Other stuff

When you include all of these items, the cost to open a Jerry’s Wood Fired Dogs restaurant ranges from $313,000 to $453,000.


Where would you like to build a Jerry's?