Why Become a Jerry’s Franchise Owner?

It’s no secret that ‘Everybody Loves A Good Dog!’ Americans love hot dogs! It is estimated that nearly 20 billion hot dogs are consumed annually. From May through September, Americans consume seven billion – that’s 818 hot dogs eaten every second! Hot dogs are so much a part of the American tradition that in 1957, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce officially designated July as National Hot Dog Month. Although typically considered more of a casual food, President Franklin D. Roosevelt (when serving King George VI), First Lady Rosalynn Carter (at a White House Picnic), and Queen Elizabeth (at a royal banquet for the American Bar Association), served the hot dog at their special event. As the popularity continues, even higher-end restaurants are including a hot dog option on their menu. Since 2003, Jerry’s Wood-Fired Dogs has been serving the best tasting dogs, sausages, burgers and much more. Combine the unique concept of cooking over Jerry’s signature wood-fired grill along with his complimentary “Favorite Fixings Bar” of more than 30 fresh toppings, mix in a warm, inviting atmosphere with great customer service, and you have all the perfect ingredients to start your business. But there’s more, much more…

Finding a Site:  Jerry and his team help you find the location that will give you the greatest chance of success in your area.  It’s a team effort and all about finding the best site.

Construction:  Jerry works directly with you and your contractor to ensure your Jerry’s Wood-Fired Dogs restaurant is built quickly and within budget.

Training:  Thorough training for you and your team to ensure that you can make all of our great dogs and other products just like the customer wants them….

Marketing:  You and your team will learn how to market and “reach out” to your local customers, sports teams, schools and businesses.

On-Going Support:  The Jerrys’ team provides updated training on all new products and services for you and your team.  We want to make sure that your staff is up to date on all of the great new products and services that might be introduced.

Product Research and Development:  Consumer tastes change and Jerry’s team is always on the lookout for new dogs, sausages, burgers and salads that your customers want….  Ask us about our Micro Brew test and how it’s going.

Systems:  Jerry’s Wood-Fired Dogs is a business and we’re always looking for ways to increase profitability for our franchise owners. We continually search for ways to increase our guests experience, simplify operating systems and motivate our restaurant team members.


Where would you like to build a Jerry's?