Costa Mesa: “Can You Create The Costa Mesa Dog” Contest

The contest deadline has been extended due to the popularity and the many delicious creations submitted (we have to try them all!!) There is still time to enter and/or try one of the submitted entries and place your vote.

Entries will be accepted at the store, or you may enter on the Costa Mesa facebook page. You will receive an extra point for posting your entry on Jerry’s Dogs Instagram! 1st prize $100, 2nd prize $50, 3rd prize $25. Selected entries will be featured in the store and will receive a point every time that entry is ordered. Try one of these delicious dogs designed by our customers!

Good luck, enjoy and may the best Costa Mesa Dog win!

1. Featured in stores on 7/11-7/13 By: Susie L. Entry: The Breakfast Dog
Bacon wrapped Smokey Joe Kielbasa, garlic aioli, tater tots, fried egg drizzled with ketchup. $9

Why it should be the Costa Mesa Dog: “Costa Mesans looove their breakfast!”

2. Featured in stores on: 8/1-8/3 By: Candice Y. Entry:  ‘CM Fair Dog’ 
Spiral dog, bacon slices, pastrami, coleslaw, onions, kick n’ bourbon glaze, chili $7.45
Why it should be the CM Dog: “Because it has a little of everything the OC fair offers!

3. Featured in stores on: 8/8-8/10 By: Irene D. Entry:  ‘Rocky’s Italian Stallion’
Entry: Italian sausage, red and green grilled peppers, grilled onions, sprinkled with parmesan cheese $6.00
Why it should be the CM dog: “Because you need to get more urban in your hot dog ingredients.”

4. Featured in stores on 8/15-8/17  By: Bob K.
Entry: Jalapeno Hot Link, onions, tomatoes, avocado, black olives and chipotle mayonnaise $6.50

*Why it should be the CM Dog? Bob, you can send us a message via the website or facebook.

5. Featured in stores on 8/22-8/24 By: Andrea D.
Entry: All American dog, bacon, diced tomato, blue cheese crumbles and avocado $6.25

*Why it should be the CM Dog? Andrea, you can send us a message via the website or facebook.

6. Featured in stores in 8/29-8/31 By: Lydia O.

Entry: Spiral Dog, coleslaw, pickle slices, tomatoes, diced onions, mustard.

Why should it be the CM Dog?: “In the early  years of farming…..there used to be lots and lots of cabbage!

7. Featured in stores on 9/5-9/7 By: Christian White

Entry: Uncle Franks Italian Sausage on a pretzel bun, honey mustard, chipotle aiole, bacon bits, red onion, shredded cheddar, topped with diced tomatoes and parsley.

Why should it be the CM Dog?: “Because it’s awesome, flavorful, brilliantly colored and is great for lunch and dinner plus it’s rich and delicious like the people and history of Costa Mesa.”